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National Family Caregiver

Respite Program

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Caregivers need breaks

Caring for an older adult is an incredibly demanding job. That’s why taking regular breaks is so important for helping you sustain caregiving over a long period of time.
Using respite care to take breaks gives you a chance to recharge and helps you take care of your own health, preventing the serious negative health effects that caregiving can cause.

What is respite care?

Respite care is when family caregivers get a break from caring for their senior. These short-term caregiving services can take place in the home or at an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.
For example, you might need to use respite care if you’re feeling completely burned out and desperately need a break or if you have a health issue of your own that you need to take care of.

Bottom line

Caregiving is tough. Nobody can keep going forever without a break. Protecting your health (and sanity!) means taking regular breaks.
Using respite care is a great way to get help with caregiving, especially if you don’t have family or friends you can rely on. It helps you keep your senior at home longer while protecting you from the serious health consequences of being constantly burdened by caregiving responsibilities.

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National Family Caregiver Respite Program
Office Assistant: Luz Fonseca
Phone: 575-356-8576 ext. 23
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