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What is Community Services Center &

What do we do?

Community Services Center is a nonprofit organization based out of Portales, NM. Our main purpose is to improve the quality of life for as many people as we can. We do this by offering quality programs and services that strive to meet the needs of the general public. Year after year, we provide services to hundreds of people in Roosevelt County and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

The mission of Community Services Center is to provide on-going opportunities to empower all of the people of Roosevelt County to collaborate in reducing community problems. This enlightened concept will become the norm of the community.

In meeting the needs of the public we address issues by groups:


  • Senior hunger

  • Home bound seniors unable to cook for themselves

  • Senior loneliness

  • Senior boredom

  • Handicapped adults requiring supervision

  • Medical transportation for those with Medicaid

  • Food pantry assistance

  • Utility assistance 


  • Medical transportation for those with Medicaid

  • Handicapped adults requiring supervision

  • Food pantry assistance

  • Utility assistance 

DISCLAIMER: Community Services Center has a zero tolerance policy regarding drug and alcohol use by its employees.


Programs & Services


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Senior Meal Site & 

Home Delivered Meals 


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